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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Preguntas respuestas Android 4

1. If we add the following property to a Widget:


The result is:
The Widget will show a splash screen using the preview image
The preview image will be set as a background on the Widget
The user will be able to see a preview of what the app widget looks like 

2. What is a Keystore on Android?
Contains keys to decompile different builds of an Android application
Contain access to private files on the project
Is a binary file that contains one or more private keys

3. Is it possible that Google Play Store accept an APK signed with a debug certificate for publishing?

4. If we create a Widget with the following specifications:

minWidth: 110dp

minHeight: 250dp

How many columns and rows the widget is going to take on the screen (
2 columns, 4 rows 
3 columns, 4 rows
2 columns, 2 rows

5. If we are creating a Widget which of the following class we need to declare on the AndroidManifest.xml?

6. What is a AppWidgetProvider class
A class that defines the basic widget information
Defines the basic methods that allow you to programmatically interact with the widget 
Is a class that extends from an Activity

7. Which property we need to set on the AppWidgetProviderInfo to defines how often the App Widget should update?

8. Is it possible to use Android Studio to generate signed APKs ?
It is only possible on the command line

9. What is a Widget?
A View that displays a constraint layout
Widgets are miniature application views that can be embedded in other applications 
Widgets are a complete application views that can be merged in other applications

10. Is it necessary to define a initial layout for a widget?

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